Accomodating blindness in restaurants

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At the same time, the law recognizes the potential burdens placed on business to provide such access and further recognizes that what is an undue burden for a large metropolitan hospital is different from what constitutes an undue burden for the office of a provider in a small, rural setting.Health care providers are required to provide effective communication through appropriate auxiliary aids and services unless doing so would constitute an undue burden or would fundamentally alter the nature of the services provided.If your patient requests assistance, let him or her guide you, if possible, in the most effective way of responding to his or her request.If you have already given some thought to access, examined your services and facilities, identified barriers, and implemented solutions, such as some or all of the options suggested in this pamphlet, you will be well on your way to complying with the ADA. If the entity is private and owns, leases, leases to, or operates a place of public accommodation, it is covered by Title III of the ADA.The law is designed to be flexible in the way which businesses can comply with ADA requirements and further recognizes that certain accommodations may be too costly or burdensome for a particular business.

Similarly, most persons who are deaf-blind have some usable vision.

Although most of the solutions suggested in these pages should involve little difficulty or expense, it is impossible to predict whether a given accommodation will represent an undue burden in some instances or whether a structural modification is readily achievable in light of your particular circumstances.

This pamphlet will help you to examine all of your services and facilities to identify barriers faced by your patients who are blind, deaf-blind, or visually impaired and will suggest solutions to many barriers along the way, but the most important solutions will often be suggested by your own patients.

Solution: The employee should identify herself and her purpose for entering the room: "Good afternoon, I'm Carla Smith, a dietary aide. It's a cold roast beef sandwich today with a green salad, cake, and coffee. " The ADA is a civil rights law signed by President Bush on July 26, 1990.

The law mandates that individuals with disabilities shall have access to jobs, public accommodations, government services, public transportation, telecommunications--in short, participation in, and full access to, all aspects of society.

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