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And the app is also built with many of the same mechanics used by Houseparty, the group video chatting app launched by the company behind Meerkat, which has seen some early success.

Like Houseparty, Cabana immediately launches users into their own broadcast, and it’ll alert all their friends with a push notification.

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There’s no question that Cabana taps into a real social interaction that doesn’t quite exist online.

Developers have tried and failed at group video chatting countless times, but there’s at least some reason to think Cabana may be on to something.

For one, it has Tumblr’s backing and will get plenty of promotion.

Though Tumblr is launching this app and has been involved in its development, Cabana didn’t originate inside the company.

The app started in a Yahoo incubator and caught Karp’s interest after he saw a demo.

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