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Does the conversion rate of your business depend on human contact?

videodesk brings the human face of your business to your prospective clients, employees and customers.

Instead of only using them on an as-needed basis, you can use video interviews for every job vacancy between the resume screening and in-person interview stages.

This allows you and your team to assess candidates face-to-face, either live or asynchronously, and further shorten the list of applicants you want to interview on-site—a process which requires mitigating multiple schedules to find a time that works, reserving space and so on.

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Now, core recruiting and applicant tracking systems are getting in on the action by partnering with existing vendors (e.g., Jazz partnering with Spark Hire) or adding video interviewing functionality of their own (e.g., Jobvite Video).A great candidate experience could be the difference between a high-quality applicant accepting your offer or not.A bad candidate experience, on the other hand, could prove more disastrous than you may think: The ability to overlay your video interviewing interface with company branding and add recorded introductions to emphasize your organization’s perks could help you make a good impression.A quick text chat or a short video chat call is a highly efficient way of weeding out inappropriate candidates and clients and ensuring your staff are not buried under a sea of irrelevant emails.videodesk live chat software can be installed on any website in under 5 minutes.

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