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But the real question is whether climbing is particularly 'ungay'. Like it or not, cliches about this kind of thing tend to be based on some sort of underlying trend.

I'm ambivalent about your initial post's intent.In reply to Jon Stewart: I was in a club on Saturday night at a gay engagement party - there turned out to be four climbers there from the local wall including myself.Certainly one is bisexual, can't say for the other two, I'm guessing not but that still makes 25% if you count bisexual as gay. The trouble is it's really hard to define what we are talking about - what is a climber?Sheffield is crap for these things and has no gay scene to speak of. But it's not "gay friendly" enough for me to want to be totally open with new people I meet as climbers, rather than be guarded.So climbing scenes and gay scenes seem to me to be poles apart socially. Same as most of life really where people will laugh about someone being gay, because it's so funny... But what about the boring ones not on dating websites!

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