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A live screening of the event took place at Umeda's Burg 7 and 109 Cinemas in Nagoya as well as several overseas theatres, UCI Jardim Sul in Sao Paulo, Brazil, CGR Cinema in Torcy, France and Viewshows Cinemas in Taipei, Taiwan.Regular broadcast of the show started on April 1, 2012. I started watching because it was saint seiya but in truth it has little in common with the old show and I think fans of the original will have a harder time appreciating this.I was surprised the hero didn’t get naked first or pulled out a magic wand, or had a catchphrase close to “I will punish you in the name of the Moon.” That felt way off from the original concept and definitely NOT MANLY!So ok, modern anime are gayer, nobody denies that, but this is rather too much for an older fan to appreciate.The original style was not exactly manly all the way, as it was made to appeal to fangirls by drawing all the men in a bishounen / slightly feminine way. well, too stylized if I am to go easy with the description.Less details on the characters, simpler and cuter faces, much smoother animation, and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BIGGER EYES.Regardless I'm not surprised that the show has a low rating, because honestly the start is pretty weak.That said the latest episodes have improved MASSIVELY, and they even thrown a couple of twists, one in particular that I didn't see coming and was really not expecting from what the show had previously shown.

Sementara itu, Saori Kido (Athena) adalah membesarjab anak Kouga, yang menyelamatkan Seiya, dan dia telah berlatih setiap hari untuk menjadi Saint untuk menghadapi krisis yang datang.Tidak menyadari takdirnya, ketika Kouga terbangun dengan kekuatan Cosmo tersembunyi dalam dirinya, kekuatan baru telah muncul untuk menjadi legenda dari Saint terbaru.聖闘士星矢Ω Titulo: Saint Seiya Omega Autor: Reiko Yoshida Diretor: Morio Hatano Gênero: Ação , Aventura , Fantasia , Shounen Produtora: Studio Toei Animation Exibição Original: 01 de abril de 2012 Número de Episódios: 97 Sinopse: O deus da guerra e guardiã de seu planeta homônimo, Marte, já foi selada por Seiya, mas o tempo passou e seu renascimento está na mão.The thing is, most of the original fanbase either grew out of it or went for newer and fancier shounen; it is by no means a franchise with tens of thousands of followers anymore.The reason being its formula remaining quite narrow; after a point became too simple and repetitive compared to later fighting shounen.

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