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Provides electronic access to the Middle English Dictionary, a Hyper Bibliography of Middle English prose and verse based on the MED bibliographies, and a network of related electronic resources, including a large collection of Middle English texts.Almost all Library databases can be accessed from off-campus.The two collections do not differ in time scope (spanning from Classical antiquity to Neolatin texts until 1965, including decrees from the Vatican II Council), but in publication practices and philological standards.The quantity of texts and their overall philological quality are outstanding.LLT-B is meant as a more fast-growing supplement to LLT-A.The texts of LLT-B are drawn directly from printed scholarly editions while much of the revision work is dropped and precedence is given to large, homogeneous corpora of texts.The list on this page includes some major corpora of ancient Greek and Latin texts.

Gloss - Medieval manuscripts especially those with legal and theological content often had commentary written around the main text. Woodcut - Before the art of engraving on metal was invented, pictures were engraved on wooden tablets. PL 32: 659 = Patrologia Latina, volume 32, column 659. There is a (larger and more updated) online version and an older CD-Rom version: Perseus have a fair collection of canonical Greek and Latin texts, limited in number, but very richly enhanced by sophisticated tools and search engines, parallel original and translated versions, dictionary and search tools, statistics, morphological parsing, mythological encyplopaedia, etc.Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) Latin Library texts now in version 5.3 is a CD-Rom with full Latin texts and Bible versions up to the Second Century AD.However, the Greek inscriptions are also available freely online at , which is good.The documentary papyri (also on the PHI CD Rom) can be searched freely online at, with TEI Epi Doc XML available for download on Git Hub at

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