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During the summer of 1919, Fitzgerald quit the ad business to return to St.

Paul to rewrite , as the novel was now called, for publication.

They possessed what some critics have come to call "a certain genteel shabbiness." It seems likely much of Fitzgerald's interest in society life began in his youth in Minnesota when he would play and associate with the rich children of the neighborhood — dancing, sailing, swimming, sledding — all the time knowing he was never entirely a part of their society.

The Fitzgeralds lived in Minnesota on and off during Scott's youth.

Together, Scott and Zelda became synonymous with life in the 1920s.

In many regards, the Fitzgeralds' lifestyle read like something out of one of Scott's novels.

Zelda, youngest daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court judge, refused marriage, however, until Scott could support her in the manner to which she was accustomed.

One week after its publication, Scott and Zelda were married in New York.

The novel meant instant success for the young author and pushed the newlyweds into the limelight.

When his father's business folded in 1897, the elder Fitzgerald took a job the following year as a salesman for Procter and Gamble, consequently moving his family to New York, first to Buffalo, then Syracuse, and then back to Buffalo.

He was fired from his job in 1908, and just months before Scott's twelfth birthday, the family returned to St. From that point, the Fitzgeralds essentially lived off the Mc Quillan family fortune. Paul home from 1908 to 1922, he was often not there.

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