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Most of us only think of Louis Vuitton as a label with bags and shoes. Not only did she win the genetic lottery in physical beauty, but her family’s finances afford constant vacations and designer bags." data-reactid="72"The 18-year-old the daughter of Thai celebrity Monlatcha Sakulthai studies in London and wants to be in television.She’s a teen wearing Louis Vuitton and sporting Birkins all over her Instagram along with her mom." data-reactid="91"Currently studying fashion design in London, this rich girl will probably have her own brand just after college while people like us have to toil and sweat for ten years to get a few genuine pieces of clothing and accessories off the ground." data-reactid="106".เฮียยิ้ม, God-Anime, Gen Y Trade Area, Sazaki Aiko_Lemon Drop, NG12 Arts, Cherprang BNK48, King Owl / ราชานกฮูก, ภาษาญี่ปุ่นที่โรงเรียนไม่สอน, เจ้าหญิงสรวลเสเฮฮาล่าเจ้าชายนับร้อยคน, หลวงพี่จัสติน วัดดูยูมีน, คนรักอนิเมะ, ลูกอมสี่บาทสามสตางค์, Ma-mu-i, VYNovel, Gacha : Yume 100, KHR Club TH, ประชาไท, Mr Yabatan, Kuroh Rin, Hibari x tsuna - 1827, Drama Lawyer, Hibari Kyoya (ฮิบารั่ว), KHR Famiglia, Hi-otaku, ชุมชนแมวเหมียว By Nekko, ผู้ชายใส่แว่น, Smooto Japan, J-HERO.COM, Umehara Yuuichirou 「梅原裕一郎」Thai Fans, Ancienttear C.) by Thai author Tamayanti and its reception in Thai society.

She is the daughter of Mom Luang Anchalee Thephatsadin Na Ayutthya. Natchaya Krairuek Natchaya is a star student at Chulalongkorn University where she is studying Accounting.

Already rubbing elbows with influencers, brand people and other rich people, she had the connections normal creatives only dream of, which meant her brand already launched two years ago." data-reactid="119".

Already rubbing elbows with influencers, brand people and other rich people, she had the connections normal creatives only dream of, which meant her brand already launched two years ago." data-reactid="121"The heiress of True Multimedia (one of Thailand’s most popular network service providers) has just graduated from Boston University and is already wildly successful as a PR professional.

She just graduated from university in Boston and wants to work in public relations. Nantinee Aumranan The daughter of Holly Amranan, Thai socialite. Siree Wongrakmit The daughter of Bangchak Petroleum’s Deputy Managing Director. Kamolpond Wongrakmit Second daughter of Bangchak Petroleum’s Deputy Managing Director. She studied Interior Design in England and is helping run the family business. Nattapond Tonawanik Nattapond is next in line to take over her family’s business: Dusit Thani Hotel. Pondpan Sitthinawawit The girl behind Cath Kidston’s success in Thailand. Apapat Kanjanapruek Apapat is a model and former host of Strawberry Cheese Cake TV show. Kerika Chotiwijit Kerika lives in a THB100 million Versace mansion. She graduated from NYU and is now running her family’s business. Patarasaya Yongrat-tanamongkol This 20-year-old model was rumored to be a girlfriend of Thai actor Nadech. Chawapond Laohapongchana The fashion blogger and trendsetter is the youngest daughter of a former Minister of Commerce. Klai Duen, Pimdao, and Matina The three sisters work together on their clothing brand Sretsis. Article Credits: Translated by Bangkok Coconut Writer Editor Ms.

Another daughter of the Techanarong family, Pattamon is studying Fashion Design in Bangkok. Pimdao Panichsamai Pimdao is a musician and TV actress. Kitiwitchaya Watcharothai Kitiwitchaya is a grand-daughter of Kaewkwan Watcharothai, secretary-general of the Royal Household Bureau. Pimpisa Chirathiwat Pimpisa is a fashionista and the daughter of Centara Hotel’s CEO. Pondpan helps her sister run the imported British homeware brand. Kritika Korworakul Kritika is the daughter of a real estate businessman.

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