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almost a month later, i noticed some rust spots / corrison on the vehicle.upon closer insepction we noticed that there were several parts of the vehicle that had rust.

Called BMW South Africa to lodge a complained and they advised that they will get back to me within 24 hours and they didn't, I had to call back myself to find out what is...

The owner refused to repair this or provide any compensation.

Beware of RAV4 2L Gx Unlocking the Vehicle u are unable to unlock drivers doors and then the rest of the vehicle or unlocking the boot and then the rest of the vehicle .

All they tell me is they check it on the computer and everything is sorted.

After receiving the car from the service, the same stuff happens. Booked in my car last week for over heating and few months ago for drive train, yesterday when I was driving to work the car gave me the same warning signs that they were showing when the car was booked in before.

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